We work smarter, so you don't have to work harder

Our mission

As our name suggests, we provide informatics consulting and create custom applications for your hospital to help you work smarter. From automated dispensing cabinet setup and optimization, to antibiogram reports, to warfarin and vancomycin auto-calculators,  our mission is to automate and optimize software in your hospital so you can focus on patient care.

What we do


You might be asking why do I need informatics? Here are a few examples of cost/time savings from my own experience:

Pyxis server: 

I was contracting for a hospital that has a couple satellite clinics when I received a message on teams. The director of one of our satellite clinics was asking if I could send her a copy of the main hospital's drug file because they were about to begin their project for a new Pyxis server. I immediately asked, "is there a reason why you're not just adding your devices to the main hospital server?" She answer, "I didn't know that was an option, I was just doing whatever IT said to do." So I contacted IT, and asked them the same question. Their response was almost exactly the same, "we were just doing what pharmacy told us to do." I immediately setup a meeting with our Pyxis reps, IT, and pharmacy leadership leading to modification of the contract to add their devices to the main hospital's server, thus saving not only thousands of dollars, but thousands of man hours of maintaining two separate drug files, servers, and staff lists.